Invited speakers

This year, we will have the pleasure to listen to the following invited speakers at AALTD:

Tony Bagnall

Tony is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Computing Sciences at University of East Anglia, UK. After researching areas of optimization, cryptography, evolutionary computing and agent modelling in his early career, he has been focused on developing techniques for time series data mining for the last 15 years. More recently, his particular interest has been in developing algorithms for time series classification. His team has developed the current state of the art for time series classification through a process of transformation based ensembles. He is the largest contributor of data sets to UCR/UEA time series classification archive and has recently performed one of the most extensive comparison of algorithms ever seen in Machine Learning. He is committed to transparency and reproducibility in research, and is developing shared resources for time series classification at the work in progress site This includes data, code to reproduce results and information on recent work. Tony is very keen to work on problems of societal impact, and is currently evaluating classifiers from problems from a wide range of domains, such as food science, entomology, genetics and smart meter data analysis.

[link to Tony’s webpage]

Marco Cuturi

Marco Cuturi received his Ph.D. in 11/2005 from the Ecole des Mines de Paris. He has held post-doctoral positions in the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Tokyo) and Princeton University, worked in the financial industry for 2 years, and is currently associate professor in the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University. His research interests include optimization and optimal transportation in particular; machine learning, notably metric and kernel based approaches.

[link to Marco’s webpage]

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